Professional Networking for Business and Real Estate Leaders in Brownsville, Texas

August 16, 2024 | Coin Mixer

The upcoming Coin Mixer is a complimentary networking event tailored for entrepreneurs, investors, and business professionals eager to expand their networks, grow their businesses, and uncover new opportunities within Brownsville, Texas’s dynamic ecosystem.

Business Networking Group in Brownsville Texas

Empowering Connections & Igniting Growth

Here at COIN, we’re dedicated to fostering a collaborative community of entrepreneurs, real estate investors, professionals, and community leaders in Brownsville. Our aim? To create a thriving ecosystem where ideas flourish, partnerships are formed, and businesses reach new heights.

A Business Networking Group That Empowers Your Success

We are a thriving community dedicated to fostering success for all of our members.


Expand Your Network. Meet and mingle with business owners, real estate investors, and community leaders in Brownsville and beyond.


Build Lasting Partnerships.  Discover potential collaborations, clients, and partnerships. We foster the connection that creates innovation.


Showcase Your Business: Get the word out about your products or services. Your net worth comes from your network, and our events get you connected.

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Join for networking on August 16 @ 4:30pm

Don’t miss our upcoming mixer and networking event at the Access Realty Group in Brownsville, Texas! This is a fantastic chance to connect, broaden your network, and engage with a vibrant group of community and business leaders. Register now—attendance is free but limited to 60 participants, so secure your spot early!

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